healthy lemonade


What is BAZR?

Unique healthy grape seed lemonade!
100% natural with no added sugar!
Thanks to the evaporation of grape seeds, we obtain an extract rich in beneficial properties.
We do not use artificial colors and flavor enhancers, since only natural ingredients can give our lemonade a rich grape flavor.
Our unique lemonade is healthy and recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children
from 1 year.

BAZR can be the best item on the menu

Our lemonade will fit perfectly into the menu of your establishment, because these days people actively monitor what they eat and drink. You will be able to recommend natural lemonade to your guests and they will return to you again to enjoy your cuisine in combination with the grape flavor of our healthy lemonade.

Why BAZR lemonade is good for you?

Grape seed extract is a dietary supplement obtained after the processing of grapes. It contains tannins and proanthocyanidins.

Grape extract is able to reduce oxidative damage in the body. Grape kernels contain powerful antioxidants that prevent the natural aging process. Grape seed extract is often included in anti-aging programs.

Unique product

100% natural

Premium Quality


Without dyes

No flavor enhancers
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100% domestic product

We use only Russian raw materials and materials. All grapes for BAZR lemonade are selected from the best vineyards of our country, which allows you to achieve a natural and rich taste without the use of chemical additives!

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