Comprehensive Financial and Tax Accounting

Do you need to prepare documentation for accounts, loans or tenders?

Do you want to check the financial stability of your company and don’t know what to do?
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accounting can appear to be very expensive.

We offer
comprehensive accounting services for organisations at an affordable price. We
provide full support for our clients’ financial statements.

All our accounting services for legal entities comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and international accounting standards.

We provide professional protection of your personal data and guarantee the confidentiality of your information.

Each of our Clients is accompanied by a team of specialists who are qualified to handle even the most unusual requests. 

Complex finance and tax accounting, carried out by PGIM specialists for our Clients on a regular (monthly) basis, includes:

 — Accounting and tax support;

 — Payroll services;

 — HR records management.

All services provided by the specialists of “Prisyazhnyuk’s Group. Investment Management”, JSC within the framework of accounting and tax support, are prepared in accordance with the unified forms recommended by the applicable legislation, including the Federal Law «On Accounting» 402-FZ and the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. The services listed in this section include the following functionality:

Maintaining General Ledger, Tax Accounting, Preparation of Accounting and Tax Reports

 — Specifying expenses by activity;

 — Entry of initial data into the accounting software; — Entering data on suppliers and contractors into the general ledger;

 — Recording entries in the general ledger on account holders;

 — Recording sales entries in the general ledger;

 — Recording the bank entries in the general ledger;

 — Recording the cash transactions in the general ledger;

 — Accounting for long-term investments, fixed assets and intangible assets in the general ledger;

 — Accounting for inventories in the general ledger; — Recording of equity and debt capital in general ledger;

 — Introduction of wage system entries in the general ledger;

 — Accounting of financial investments in the general ledger;

 — Accounting for other financial transactions in the general ledger;

 — Calculation of costs of work in progress;

 — Calculation of exchange rate, revaluation of accounts denominated in foreign currencies;

 — Closing the period;

 — Reconciliation of the general ledger accounts;

 — Maintenance of tax accounting registers;

 — Calculation of taxes;

 — Calculation of deferred tax assets and liabilities;

 — Preparing financial statements;

 — Preparation of tax returns;

 — Preparation of statistical reports;

 — Authorisation of tax returns, letters and reports.

Methodological, Councelling and Software Support

 — Development and implementation of data exchange; document-flow provision between the individual accounting areas;

  • Development of accounting policies, amendments and additions to them, optimisation;
  • Providing methodological support for the Client’s accounting staff;

 — Conducting training for Client’s employees;

 — Selective verification of employees’ performance in accounting;

 — Providing tax advice and planning;

 — Reviewing accounting and tax legislation of the Client’s contracts;

 — Advising and mail exchange with authorized representatives of the Client on accounting and tax matters;

 — Supporting the Client in the process of initiative or tax audit;

 — Supporting, setting up and upgrading accounting software;

 — Customisation of software at the Client’s request.

Management and Corporate Reporting

 — Making entries in the general ledger, kept under corporate GAAP standards;

 — Entering financial information into management system (corporate system);

 — ERP system operator functions’ performance;

 — Preparation of management accounts and reports for the head office (Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, P&L);

 — Drawing up analytical reports based on accounting data (Expense report, payroll report, etc.)

 — Preparation of reports according to IAS/GAAP standards;

 — Comparative analysis of differences between RAS and statutory accounting;

 — Analysis of financial statements by means of ratios.

Financing and Loans

 — Forecasting of necessary financing;

 — Authorizing the funding request;

 — Preparation and sending of funding request;

 — Loans authorization;

 — Drawing down the loans;

 — Calculation of interest on loans and credits.

Working with the Bank

 — Preparation of payment orders and other bank documents;

 — Preparation of documents for currency control;

 — Coordination with the bank;

 — Cash withdrawal;

 — Authorisation of bank payment documents.

Cash Register

 — Cash management;

 — Authorisation of advance payments through the cash register;

 — Drawing up and issuing of advance payments;

 — Checkout and cash acceptance;

 — Paying for goods or services at the cash desk.

Working with Accountable Individuals

 — Preparing advance reports;

— Review of supporting documentation accompanying advance reports for fiscal accounting purposes;

 — Review of supporting documentation accompanying advance reports for management accounting purposes;

 — Validation of advance reports;

 — Financial control over accountable persons’ expenditure compliance with internal company policies;

 — Coding of advance reports for fiscal accounting purposes;

 — Coding of advance reports for management accounting purposes;

 — Reconciliation of corporate card settlements (RUB);

 — Reconciliation of corporate card settlements (other currency);

 — Compilation of documentation to justify gasoline expenses (trip tickets);

 — Drawing up documentation on hospitality expenses;

 — Drawing up of supporting documentation for advance reports on business trips;

 — Handing over advance report data for payroll calculation (expense reimbursement, withholding of advances and taxable amounts).


 — Providing information on goods or services sold;  — Preparation of invoices;

 — Coding of issued invoices for fiscal accounting purposes;

 — Coding of issued invoices for management accounting purposes;

 — Drawing up shipping documents (works/services act), invoices;

 — Drawing up documents for accounting of construction and installation works;

 — Authorizing the invoices;

 — Sending out invoices;

 — Authorization of shipping documents and invoices;

 — Sending out shipping documents, invoices;

 — Maintaining sales ledger;

 — Reconciliation of accounts receivable. Reconciliation report preparation;

 — Sending out the reconciliation act to the customers;

 — Coordination with buyers on account reconciliation issues.

Settlements with Suppliers and Contractors

 — Receiving and recording invoices from suppliers and contractors;

 — Confirmation of an order for goods or services from the Customer;

 — Control of receipt of goods or services, authorization of invoices and delivery notes;

 — Authorizing the invoices for payment;

 — Coding of invoices for fiscal accounting purposes;

 — Coding of invoices for management accounting purposes;

 — Transmission of invoice (copy) for payment;

 — Reconciliation of payable accounts. Preparing reconciliation statements on suppliers;

 — Maintaining purchase ledger and invoice ledger; — Distributing reconciliation statements;

 — Coordination with suppliers and contractors on reconciliation issues.

Inventory Accounting

 — Authorisation of the goods and materials’ acquisition, revaluation, disposal and write-off;

 — Receipt of goods and materials;

 — Maintenance of material accounting of inventories (warehouse accounting);

 — Reconciliation of warehousing and accounting data;

 — Accounting for the cost of goods sold;

 — Allocation of cost of sales between types of products shipped;

 — Accounting for the cost of materials released for production;

 — Accounting for the release of finished goods;

 — Recording the movement of goods;

 — Documenting movement of materials;

 — Documentation of finished goods’ movement;

 — Documentation of decisions on the revaluation of inventories;

 — Documenting decisions on write-off of inventories;

 — Calculation of transportation and procurement costs;

 — Inventory of technical means storage;

 — Preparation of inventory lists for inventory accounting.

Accounting for Long-term Investments, Fixed and Intangible Assets

 — Decision-making on investment in non-current assets, disposal or write-off of fixed and intangible assets;

 — Acceptance of fixed assets, IA, equipment for installation;

 — Preparation of primary accounting documents on operations with fixed assets;

 — Maintenance of inventory cards for accounting of fixed assets;

 — Inventory of fixed assets and IA;

 — Preparation of inventory sheets

Accounting for Financial Investments

 — Decision-making on financial investments;

 — Maintaining a securities ledger;

 — Calculation of interest and dividends on investments;

 — Conducting an inventory of investments

Interaction with State Authorities

 — Submission of tax reports to tax authorities and funds;

 — Representation at tax authorities (under power of attorney);

 — Preparation of documents for in-house tax inspections;

 — Preparation of documents for documentary tax audits;

 — Coordination with tax authorities on current issues;

 — Preparing requests to state authorities (Federal Tax Service, Ministry of Finance, etc.) at the Client’s request;

 — Preparing objections to acts of tax audits;

 — Reconciliation of the Client’s personal account with the tax inspectorate;

 — Reconciliation of settlements with customs authorities

Organization of Administrative Work and Services

 — Filing of primary accounting documents;

 — Organising document storage;

 — Selecting and copying accounting documents for the Client;

 — Co-ordination with the Client’s authorized representative on general matters, meetings with the Client, discussion of current issues, teleconferences;

 — Arranging for signatures on tax and accounting documents by the Client’s representative outside the Russian Federation;

 — Negotiating with the Clients’ customers;

 — Coordinating deliveries;

 — Coordinating document flow with customers;

 — Dealing with overdue accounts receivable;

 — Managing relationships with accountable persons;

 — Contractual work with suppliers;

 — Collecting documents from suppliers;

 — Coordination of document-flow with suppliers;

 — Primary verification of documentation received from the Client;

 — Development and implementation of data security schemes.

2.Payroll Services

 Basic and additional services for calculating the Client’s staff salaries are provided by the specialists of “Prisyazhnyuk’s Group. Investment Management”, JSC in the framework of the labour and tax legislation of the Russian Federation. The services listed in this section assist performing the following functions:

The following Standard Payroll Services are provided on a Monthly Basis:

 — Payroll accounting;

 — Calculation of other payments under the Client’s payroll system.

 — Calculation of remuneration under civil law contracts signed both by the Client and individuals; 

— Calculation of payments for temporary disability certificates, holiday pay, compensation for unused leave upon termination of employment, severance pay and other compensation payments stipulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation;

 — Calculation of other income received both in cash and in kind from the Client by individuals not registered as entrepreneurs (i.e. the obligation to calculate and withhold income tax from which is imposed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation on the Client as the source of income payment) included in the individuals’ taxable income  in accordance with Part 2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation;

 — Calculation of income tax individuals have to pay both in cash and in kind;

 — Calculation of unified social tax;

 — Calculation of other taxes and fees associated with payments in favour of individuals, established by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, by legislation of the Russian Federation subjects;

 — Calculation of accumulation and insurance contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation;

 — Preparation of payment documents (in paper form) for the transfer of taxes and fees, calculated in accordance with this Agreement:


(a) The Unified Social Tax;

(b) Accumulative part of the contribution to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation;

(c) The insurance component of the contribution to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation;

(d) The insurance contribution for insurance against accidents at work to the Social Insurance Fund;

 (e) Personal income tax;

 (f) Contribution on job quotas;

 (g) Bank documents for  the Client’s employees’ salaries transfer.

— Preparation of a unified payment document (in paper form) for the payment of salaries to all Client’s employees;

 — Preparation of the company payroll;

 — Preparation of consolidated tax report;

 — Preparation of individual payslips for the Client’s employees.


The following Standard Payroll Services are provided on a Quarterly Basis:

 — Calculation of advance payments on Unified Social Tax;

 — Calculation statement for Social Insurance contributions;

 — Calculation statement for advance payments of insurance contributions for compulsory pension insurance;

 — Report on quotas;

 — Preparation and submission of quarterly mandatory reporting forms for the Client’s main division to the relevant authorities and, if necessary, communication with authorized officials on issues related to such forms.


The following Standard Payroll Services shall be provided on an Annual Basis:

 — Completion of mandatory accounting and reporting forms for taxes and contributions in Russian on the basis of the data obtained from the calculations performed by the Contractor under this Agreement;

 — Annual Declaration on Unified Social Tax;

 — Annual Declaration on insurance contributions for mandatory pension insurance;

 — Preparing reports on 6NDFL Form;

 — Preparation and submission of annual mandatory reporting forms for the Client’s main subdivision to the relevant authorities and, if necessary, communication with authorized officials on issues related to such forms.


3.HR Record Keeping Services

 All HR record keeping documents prepared and updated as part of HR record keeping services shall be prepared in accordance with unified forms of HR documentation recommended by the current legislation. The Services listed in this section constitute HR records management services and include the following functions:

 — Registration of the Client’s employee hired, including preparation of employment procedure, employment contract, personal employee card unified form T-2, and formation of every employee’s personal  file;

 — Drafting of the job description template on the basis of templates provided by the Client;

 — Drawing up an order for payment of bonuses, incentives to the Client’s employee;

 — Registration of changes in Client’s employees’ salaries;

 — Registration of transfer of a Client’s employee to another job, including making changes to the relevant personnel accounting documentation;

 — Making changes to the standardized «T2» form — personal employee’s card; Registration and maintenance of the Client’s employee’s work record book;

 — Execution of orders for annual paid leave/unpaid vacation of the Client’s employee;

 — Completion of the Client’s employee’s disability sheet in Part 2 of the reverse side;  calculation of their total employment duration;

 — Changes in the Client’s staff schedule;

 — Keeping registers of personnel orders, registration of work record books and their inserts;

 — Preparation of timesheets in the unified form on the basis of data received from the Client’s departments;

 — Preparation of certificates of employment and/or certified copies of employment records for the Client’s employee;

 — Keeping the Client’s employees’ employment records in accordance with the requirements established by the current legislation during the period of employment; returning the employment records to the Client, not received by employees upon termination of employment;

 — Drawing up orders for business trips;

 — Registration of Client’s employee’s termination of employment;

 — Retention of the Client’s employees’ employment records.


Additional Personnel Records Services

 In addition to the regular (basic) Services, at the Client’s request, PGIM shall prepare the following documents and reports in a format determined by the Client (hereinafter referred to as «Additional Personnel Records Services», including:

 — Maintaining military records for the Client’s employees;

 — Preparing personnel management reports (job categories, gender, education, leave history, transfers, salary changes);

 — Drawing up civil law contracts, acceptance reports for work performed under civil law contracts based on detailed memos from the Client’s representatives;

 — Drawing up a contract for compulsory health insurance and insurance policies required by the Russian Federation Law «On Medical Insurance for Citizens in the Russian Federation»;

 — Composing state pension insurance certificates;

— Visiting the client’s office;

 — Providing clarifications of the requirements of applicable law in relation to personnel record-keeping procedures and associated document flow;

 — Preparing HR documentation that is not included in the list of basic services;

 — Providing job descriptions at the Client’s request from the Job Description Library;

 — Modification of the Internal Labour Rules, Payroll Regulations and job descriptions.

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