Due Diligence

“Prisyazhnyuk’s Group. Investment Management”, JSC is ready to help you develop a detailed structure and accompany your transaction at all its stages.

The Due Diligence procedure is a mandatory preliminary stage in:

 — mergers and acquisitions,

 — acquisition of stocks and shares in companies,

 — acquisition of real estate,

 — incorporation of new partnerships

 — lending,

 — targeted (including grant or sponsorship) financing,

 — other financial or commercial transactions, usually involving the need to provide the buyer (investor, lender, sponsor, etc.) with accurate information about the subject of the transaction and the enterprise or project to be financed.

Thanks to the wide-ranging qualifications and professionalism of “Prisyazhnyuk’s Group. Investment Management”, JSC specialists you will get the most reliable advice for a successful transaction and solve the main question, which any buyer, investor faces — how not to be cheated and not to lose with the deal. In this operation, our company engages experienced legal, financial, tax and technical consultancy specialists to provide effective due diligence and to help assess all possible transaction risks.

Due diligence procedure will:

 -reinforce your negotiating position

 -reduce the risk of financial losses

 -save your money.

 The company’s remote location does not prevent DDG performance.

 PGIM specialists can help you develop a detailed structure and guide you through all phases of the transaction.

Stage 1

A call

 Call us at 8 495 54 54 54 4

Stage 2


Once we have finalised the details we will calculate the cost and the timetable

Stage 3

Due Diligence of Purchased Transaction Risks. 


At this stage all transaction risks (tax, property, financial, legal) are identified and our client gets a full idea of them. There are mostly risks which can be eliminated, which is our main task, but there are also those which can be problematic to cope with. In order to deal with these, we invite other consulting specialists such as marketers and appraisers.

Stage 4

Developing the Best Way to Complete the Deal

 This stage is necessary to develop a step-by-step settlement structure, a description of the transaction financing sources, and the step-by-step composition of agreements and documents. This stage helps to protect the rights of those involved in the transaction.

Stage 5

Support for Negotiations between Parties to the Transaction, including Joint Negotiation of Transaction Terms

 This is a no less important stage for all parties, since a positive outcome of the deal depends on the advisor. Our lawyers are able to negotiate, not just to be present.

Stage 6

Drafting All the Necessary Agreements and Documents for the Transaction 

 When you make a deal, it is very important to put all the agreements in writing. Only highly qualified and experienced lawyers know about those many terms that need to be stipulated in a contract. The parties to the transaction may not even know how these terms work in the event of disputes and litigation. That is what this stage is all about — to avoid documentary slip-ups.

Stage 7

Monitoring the Deal  Implementation

 This stage involves the deal implementation and control. This stage includes:

 — Control over the signing of documents;

 — Monitoring all parties to the transaction comply with its terms;

 — Control over security measures;

 — Follow-up of clearing structure;

 — Other registration activities.

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