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The investment advisory firm PGIM offers professional legal support to organisations and individuals.

Legal support is provided on an ad hoc basis, on a case-by-case basis or on an ongoing basis according to service agreements.

The expertise of our Legal Department Staff is sufficient to handle any level of request — from preparing an agreement to participating in multi-million dollar litigation.

Legal Support Services (Practices):

 1) Corporate Law:

 — Legal due diligence of constituent and other internal corporate acts in effect in the Customer’s company;

 — Drafting constituent and other internal corporate acts;

 — Preparation and holding general meetings of participants, as well as meetings of collegial management bodies, legal entities of various organizational and legal forms;

— Legal supporting transactions involving the assignment (acquisition) of rights and obligations of a legal entity participant, including carrying out the corporate procedures required to complete these transactions, as well as obtaining the relevant approvals and permits from state authorities;

 — Incorporation, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities of various legal forms and types, commercial and non-commercial organizations;

 — Legal advice on compliance with the law on large-scale transactions and related party transactions in the area of corporate relations;

 — Drafting the legal defence schemes against hostile takeovers;

 — Elaboration of structural relations in the holding company; management and control mechanisms development in the holding company;

 — Elaboration of schemes for the establishment and operation of legal entities with the participation of non-residents;

 — Representing the client before the judiciary in disputes arising out of corporate legal relations, including:

a) Disputes on challenging the decisions of general meetings of participants (shareholders);

b) On invalidation large-scale transactions and related party transactions;

c) On compensation of losses caused to a legal entity by culpable actions (omissions) of the relevant management bodies of this legal entity;

d) Invalidation of decisions and actions of tax registration authorities.

 — Other corporate law issues.

2) Commercial Law:

 — State accreditation of non-resident legal entities’ representative offices and branches in Russia;

 — Assistance in state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions therewith;

 — Drafting internal documents of a business entity in all areas of its activities, as well as legal expertise of its internal documents for compliance with Russian law:

  1. a) Drafting of agreements and other documents mediating business operations of a business entity, including foreign economic contracts, taking into account the tax component and accounting entries;
  2. b) Elaboration of a set of standard contracts to be entered into by a business entity in the course of its core business activities;
  3. c) Legal expertise of forms of contracts and other documents used in business activities of the legal entity regarding their compliance with the Russian legislation.

 — Legal support of transactions made in the course of business activities of a legal entity, including:

  1. a) Transaction structuring — legal analysis of the business transaction and the object of the transaction, including recommendations on the choice of the type of agreement, as well as tax planning;
  2. b) Negotiating on behalf of and in the interest of a legal entity with its counterparties for the purpose of concluding an agreement, including drafting and signing the agreement;
  3. c) Monitoring the performance of obligations under the contract;
  4. d) Claim administration in relation to the transaction;

e) Maintaining registers of contracts/agreements.

— Claim administration on protecting legal entity’s rights and interests:

a) Negotiating on behalf and in the interests of a legal entity with its counterparties for pre-trial settlement of economic disputes arising between them, including drafting and sending civil claims;

b) Representation of legal entity’s interests in court in relation to economic disputes, including at the stage of enforcement proceedings;

 c) Representation of legal entity’s interests in court regarding disputes arising from administrative and other public legal relations, including tax disputes.

— Representation of a business entity in legal relationships in which one of the parties is an anti-monopoly authority:


a) Oral and written legal support on the application of Antitrust Law and Advertising Law norms;

b) Legal expertise of a business entity’s documents checking their compliance with the antimonopoly legislation;

c) Obtaining permits (support of notices) for transactions (other actions) of a legal entity in compliance with the requirements of the antimonopoly legislation;

d) Legal audit of advertising campaign (expert advertising examination) of an entrepreneurial subject’s activity;

e) Representation of a business entity’s interests in disputes related to violation of antimonopoly and advertising legislation in antimonopoly and court authorities.

— Representation of a legal entity during inspections by regulatory and supervisory authorities.  

— Other issues of commercial law.

3) Tax Planning:

 — Preliminary assessment of the tax consequences in the conduct of business activities;

 — Development of options for spot changes in the taxpayer’s business activities based on the application of methods and techniques provided for by tax legislation in order to lawfully minimize the legal entity’s tax liabilities;

 — Assessing the tax consequences of forthcoming transactions and making recommendations on the best terms;

 — Forecasting law enforcement practices in the coming periods;

 — Advice on current taxpayer transactions and changes in tax law;

 — Legal support in resolving tax disputes (tax arbitration);

 — Support of the client in the period of preparation for the field tax audit and during the field tax audit by the tax authority, preparation of objections and participation in these procedures as the client’s representative;

 — Legal expertise of actions and non-normative acts of tax authorities;

 — Appealing against decisions of tax authorities on acts of audits, appealing against unlawful actions (inaction) of tax officials;

 — Tax refund from the budget;

 — Tax advice on preparing tax returns;

 — Tax advice on other issues.

4) Intellectual Property:

 — Advice and legal opinions on copyright and related rights, trademark identity, procedure for litigation over claims for protection of intellectual property rights, before the Chamber of Patent Disputes under the federal executive authority for intellectual property, arbitration courts and other bodies;

 — Registering a trademark, obtaining a patent for an invention, utility model or design;

 — Development and registration, if necessary, of copyright (license), alienation, pledge and other agreements necessary for conducting business involving intellectual property in Russia;

 — Carrying out claims work on infringement of intellectual property rights;

 — Litigation (courts of general jurisdiction, intermediate courts, courts of arbitration) and pre-trial protection of intellectual property, representation of clients in courts of all levels;

 — Advice on trademark protection and infringement of trademark rights in unfair competition cases, representation of clients before the Federal Antimonopoly Service in unfair competition cases;

 — Participation in the procedure for enforcing court rulings in cases of claims for protection of intellectual property;

 — Advising on business arrangements involving the use of intellectual property, providing legal support to organizations and individual entrepreneurs;

 — Legal support of the procedure for depositing copies of the work to provide proof of authorship;

 — Legal safeguarding of trade secrets between the relevant business partners;

 — Other issues of intellectual property. Regulation and protection.

5) Labour Relations:

 — Development of documents, including employment contracts, job descriptions and other documents mediating labour relations in accordance with Russian labour law;

 — Audit of existing personnel documents (employment contracts, job descriptions, etc.) in the organization checking the compliance with the  Russian labor laws requirements;

 — Drafting recommendations on the elimination of breaches in HR documents (employment contracts, job descriptions, etc.);

 — Representation in court in the event of a labour dispute between the employee and the employer;

 — Other issues of labour law.

6) Court Representation:

— Representation of the Client’s interests in regular court, intermediate courts and courts of arbitration, including disputes arising from civil, labour and administrative relations.

7) Family Legal Relations:

 — Judicial representation on the dissolution of marriage, division of jointly acquired property, determining the procedure of communication with children, paternity establishment and challenge, alimony obligations, etc.

 — Legal support on family law issues;

8) Bankruptcy of Individuals


9)  Consumer Rights Protection

Labour protection — system of preservation of employees’ life, health and working capacity  during labour activity, including legal, social and economic, organizational, technical, sanitary and hygienic, therapeutic and prophylactic, rehabilitation and other measures.

State regulatory requirements for labour protection establish rules, procedures and criteria aimed at preserving the workers’ life and health in the course of their work activities.

In accordance with Russian legislation (Article 212 of the Russian Labour Code), the employer, specifically the CEO, is responsible for ensuring safe working conditions and occupational safety. Every employee is obliged (Article 214 of the Russian Labour Code):

 — To comply with OHS requirements;

— To use personal and collective protective equipment correctly;

 — To undergo training in safe work methods and techniques, OHS briefing, on-the-job training and OHS knowledge testing;

 — To notify their line manager immediately of any life- or health-threatening situation, any occupational accident, or any health impairment, including signs of acute occupational disease or poisoning;

 — To undergo compulsory preliminary and periodic medical check-ups.


In addition to obligations, every employee has rights and guarantees of the right to safe and healthy working conditions, which are formulated in the Russian legislation.

For working with legal entities, convenient subscription packages have been developed.

Such a solution allows the company or entrepreneur to avoid conflicts with counterparties and employees, not to risk their own funds and reputation and not to employ a lawyer with a separate salary.

A lawyer for legal entities is appointed from among professionals who are well versed in the specifics of the resolution of economic disputes in court. If necessary, a team of specialists can be formed to develop legally sound solutions in relations with employees, counterparties and public authorities.

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