Maintaining Personnel Records

All HR record keeping documents prepared and updated as part of HR record keeping services shall be prepared in accordance with unified forms of HR documentation recommended by the current legislation.

The Services listed in this section constitute personnel records management services and include the following functions:

 — Registration of the Client’s employee hired, including preparation of employment procedure, employment contract, personal employee card unified form T-2, and formation of every employee’s personal  file;

 — Drafting of the job description template on the basis of templates provided by the Client;

 — Drawing up an order for payment of bonuses, incentives to the Client’s employee;

 — Registration of changes in Client’s employees’ salaries;

 — Registration of transfer of a Client’s employee to another job, including making changes to the relevant personnel records documentation;

 — Making changes to the standardized «T2» form — personal employee’s card; Registration and maintenance of the Client’s employee’s work record book;

 — Execution of orders for annual paid leave/unpaid vacation of the Client’s employee;

 — Completion of the Client’s employee’s disability sheet in Part 2 of the reverse side;  calculation of their total employment duration;

 — Changes in the Client’s staff schedule;

 — Keeping registers of personnel orders, registration of work record books and their inserts;

 — Preparation of timesheets in the unified form on the basis of data received from the Client’s departments;

 — Preparation of certificates of employment and/or certified copies of personnel records for the Client’s employee;

 — Keeping the Client’s employees’ personnel records in accordance with the requirements established by the current legislation during the period of employment; returning the personnel records to the Client, not received by employees upon termination of employment;

 — Drawing up orders for business trips;

 — Registration of Client’s employee’s termination of employment;

 — Retention of the Client’s employees’ personnel records.

Additional Personnel Records Services

 In addition to the regular (basic) Services, at the Client’s request, PGIM shall prepare the following documents and reports in a format determined by the Client (hereinafter referred to as «Additional Personnel Records Services», including:

 — Maintaining military records for the Client’s employees;

 — Preparing personnel management reports (job categories, gender, education, leave history, transfers, salary changes);

 — Drawing up civil law contracts, acceptance reports for work performed under civil law contracts based on detailed memos from the Client’s representatives;

 — Drawing up a contract for compulsory health insurance and insurance policies required by the Russian Federation Law «On Medical Insurance for Citizens in the Russian Federation»;

 — Composing state pension insurance certificates;

— Visiting the client’s office;

 — Providing clarifications of the requirements of applicable law in relation to personnel record-keeping procedures and associated document flow;

 — Preparing HR documentation that is not included in the list of basic services;

 — Providing job descriptions at the Client’s request from the Job Description Library;

 — Modification of the Internal Labour Rules, Payroll Regulations and job descriptions.

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