Territorial Investment Modelling

The implementation of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as RF) State Policy Programme on Digital Economy Development is a key production factor in all spheres of socio-economic activity, competitiveness improvement, quality of life and economic growth of regions, as well as enhancing the efficiency of public administration.

At the same time, “Prisyazhnyuk’s Group. Investment Management”, JSC developed a computer program product «Territorial Investment Modeling «* (hereinafter «TIM»), which fully meets not only the objectives, approved by the RF Government Decree of 28.07.17 № 1632-р, but also the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of 28.06.14 № 172-FZ «On Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation». This product is recommended for implementation in the regions of the Russian Federation.


Thus, the ‘TIM’ software product is oriented towards achieving the following objectives:

— Improving the territorial investment management efficiency in the region;

 — Increasing the return on investment;

— Ensuring transparency of information on territorial investment activities;

— Optimizing labour costs of the Region’s ministries’ employees, supervised and subordinated organizations of ministries, municipalities in the region;

— Increased social and economic well-being of the region’s population;

 — Growth of the territorial investment attractiveness;

 — Early identification of investment, social and infrastructural risks in the Region;

 — Automating decision-making to mitigate identified critical risk areas at an early stage;

 — Streamlining document flow and data processing in automatic mode;

 — Improved quality of management decision-making, based on real-time access to up-to-date and documented data;

— Generating statistical data in real time;

 — Automated identification and identification of support options for «points of growth»;

 — Alignment of the territorial investment projects for the most efficient and sustainable development

 — Reducing the cost of processing all types of documents for the region

 — Reducing the risk of unfounded decisions by responsible staff;

 — Digitalization and infocommunication of the Region’s administration structures as an integral part of the Priority Development Territory.

In addition, «TIM» software product allows not only tracking any socio-economic indicator in real time, but also allows modeling changes and indicators of a region, city or district development (including such development options, as, for example, a breakage of hot water supply in a particular street in a May of a year 2028, or lack of places in a kindergarten of a particular locality in a particular month and year). The horizon for such strategic planning reaches fifty (50) years.


     The ‘TIM’ software product has been developed based on the following principles:

 1) Creation of a unified information space for the region’s management and its structural subdivisions, stakeholders of the Region’s Government and all participants of territorial investment activities in the region;

 2) Efficient access provided for all ministries’ managers and heads of municipalities to reliable comprehensive information on territorial investment activities in the region presented in a convenient form;

 3) Application of CRM approach to interaction of regional ministries with municipalities, subordinate and supervised organizations as well as recipients of state support measures;

 4) Simplification of data entry into the system;

 5) Single entry of data into the system;

 6) Input of information at the time and place of its appearance;

 7) Processing the information at the time of its appearance;

 8) Automated consolidation of data;

 9) Application of cloud technologies;

 10) User-friendly interface

 11) Transparency of the system;

 12) Modular principle of the system;

 13) Scalability of the system.

The introduction and use of this mechanism of territorial investment modelling is possible at the federal, regional levels, in local government, public institutions and commercial organisations, ministries of any level. The introduction of this mechanism will allow not only to reduce the costs of the Region’s apparatus and redirect the budget savings to the real implementation of socially important programmes, optimize the document flow, increase the social and economic welfare of the Region’s population, but also increase the creditworthiness of the territorial investment projects due to the financial possibilities of “Prisyazhnyuk Group. Investment Management» JSC as an investment company, which is the Organizer of crediting of priority territorial investment projects in Russian regions in accordance with the Instruction of the Russian Federation Government dated 10.08.2011 № ДК-П9-5670, in order to increase the investment attractiveness of the Russian regions.

This software product meets the requirements of RF Government Decree No. 1632-р of 28.07.17 “On the Fundamental Principles of Information Security”, which include:

 — The use of Russian technologies to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, authentication and availability of transmitted information and its processing processes;

 — The use of domestic software and equipment;

 — The use of information protection technologies using Russian cryptographic standards.

For demonstration of the  «TIM» software product’s possibilities, implementation variants determination, specification of the product realization cost in the region, PGIM experts are ready to invite you to our office or to carry out a personal presentation at the location of the interested ministry. Order a demonstration by calling: 8 495 54 54 54 4

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